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General Characteristics and advantages of GLON PPMF yarn:

  • High Tenacity:Glon tenacity is above 6.5 GPD due to state of art single step spin draw process hence can be used for heavy duty industrial applications.

  • Soft Feel:Glon yarn is made of Low DPF(denier per filament) thus silk like soft .

  • U.V Resistance:Special HALS U.V stabilisers are incorporated during spinning of Glon yarns hence they have good UV retention properties.

  • Chemical Resistance:Glon yarns are highly durable as they are chemically inert and thus offer good chemical resistance against Alkalies,acids,oxidising agents.

  • Low Cost:Glon yarns are much cheaper than polyester and nylon yarns possessing comparable properties.

  • Electro Static:Glon yarns are coated with special oil which gives high adhesion for filament to filament bonding and also excellent anti electro static propety.

  • Hydrophobic:Glon PP yarns are highly hydrophobic as a result they do not get wet/moist and hence remain clean.



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